Juan M.Gienini


missing you

If you ask me if I miss you, I’ll tell you: only in empty benches
But I won’t tell you: when I frame a photo
... when passing in front of a church, or giving a prayer inside
... on every bike ride waving to the boats from the shore
... in a sail over a blue sky
... when I hear something from your people or when thinking in English
... in every Beatles tune or puppet song
... at each airport, moved by the sight of a couple tenderly delaying their farewell in a long kiss
... thinking the next plane may pass near your city
... by the sea, smiling with the idea of wearing -or not- a swimsuit
... collecting a handful of sand
... wishing there were actors in the square
... in every woman’s gaze and some green eyes ... in every smile
Yes, I think I miss you and how we like each other
... and if I ever tell you this,
I believe God can hear these thoughts, almost a prayer
... wishing you didn’t miss me as much as I miss you

Origin: - by Sergio deLeón -

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