Juan M.Gienini


Missing You

If you were to ask me if I’m Missing You...
I would only tell you: “in each landscape of a river”
and, I wouldn’t tell you: “Yes, I’m Missing You…
riding my bike or passing in front of a church.
On every bench empty of you…
looking for the best frame for the photo.
When I hear something from your town…
finding myself that I'm thinking in English.
In every Beatles song that reminds you.
In airports, moved by the sight of a couple
that tenderly delay their farewell in a long kiss…
thinking if that plane will take you that kiss.
By the sea, smiling at the thought of whether I’ll wear a swimsuit… or not.
Saving some of that sand where you don’t lie down.
In silhouetted sails against a blue sky
and waving to those ships from the shore.
Passing by the square where the comedians perform.
In every woman who looks at me with green eyes…
in rosy cheeks… and in every smile”.
Yes, I’m Missing You in more than just in each landscape of a river.
Knowing that we like each other and somehow, we miss each other.
Hoping that I ever can tell all this to you.
With the certainty that God will be listening
to these thoughts that are almost a prayer.
Hoping you don’t miss me
as much as I’m Missing You.

Origin: - by Sergio deLeón -