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Introducing HCL Z and I Emulator (ZIE) for Windows

Terminal emulators for IBM System Z (mainframes) and System I (AS/400) systems continue to be the primary user interface for many business-critical applications, systems programmers and application developers around the world. Terminal emulators are often underappreciated software, however their users typically require the highest level of reliability, availability, usability and security because they are essential enabler to access many core business applications and data.
HCL Software is pleased to introduce Z and I Emulator (ZIE) for Windows.
is a terminal emulation solution for IBM System Z and System I systems.
is a native Windows 64-bit application which is designed to work on the latest Microsoft Windows desktop environments.
supports the latest security standard: Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
enables integration through Emulator High-Level Language Application Programming Interfaces (EHLLAPI) and Host Access Class Library (HACL).
provides supports extensive languages including Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) languages and Bi-Directional (BIDI) languages.
ZIE for Windows is time-tested emulator of the choice by many customers globally. The solution is used extensively across all industries including banking, finance & insurance, business services, manufacturing, retails, education and healthcare.​Three years into the announcement of the IP partnership between HCL and IBM, we are pleased to report the progress where we are finally able to delivery ZIE for Windows which is built on IBM Personal Communication (PCOMM) technology. With HCL's flexible and easy-to-manage software license options, it is an excellent terminal emulator to consider!

Kenichi Yoshimura - Senior Product Manager
Origin: ZIO Community oct. 25 2019

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